Saturday, March 21, 2009

Parson Valley - Part 2

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Day 2 : Had our breakfast, listened to some stories and history of this place from the Uncle and set out for a long trek. It was an extension of the trek that we went the previous day. We walked through pine forests, streams, one waterfall, bushy and thorny regions and a couple of reservoirs. It lasted for around 5 hours and came back to the cottage for lunch. Gazed around for a while, playing cricket, football and in the evening set out to the Western Catchment reservoir in the evening. It was some 8 kms away and had very little population. It was a nice and peaceful place with vast expanse of water all around and the enveloping mountains adding to the beauty of the place. During this time some of the guys stayed in the cottage and they went around the nearby mountains carrying big bags of drinks and boozed amidst the wild atmosphere. From the way they expressed, it was very evident that they enjoyed each and every drop of it. By the time we came back, it was dark and the ride in the last 1km stretch leading to the cottage looked even more scary. As usual held a campfire with lots of drinks and retired to bed very late in the night in the chilling cold.

Western Catchment reservoir

Day 3: All of us got up, got ready, had breakfast, played cricket for a long time and went to the nearby dam. This is very nearby the cottage(in the place where the last 1km stretch begins). This dam is being fondly called as Roja Dam, as the film Roja's climax was shot in this dam and this place was also nice with very steep and narrow steps to reach the base of the dam. Spent some time here clicking photos, returned to the cottage, sat by the stream for a while and packed our things and left the place with a heavy heart of having to leave this place. On the way visited a couple of places in Ooty and reached Tiruppur railway station around midnight. Thus ended another interesting trip.

Roja Dam
Points to note

1. Coimbatore/Tiruppur/Mettupalayam is the nearest railway station to Ooty. Lots of buses available to reach Ooty. But there is no transport facility to reach Parson Valley. So, either arrange your own vehicle or ask the Uncle before hand, who will arrange.
2. If you are traveling by your own vehicle, make sure you go in SUV kind of vehicle. Normal cars cant go in the steep and bumpy stetch(last 1 km).
3. Buy what all you may need in ooty itself. Once you cross ooty, there is absolutely nothing in this place. Also, fix the menu while booking the cottage itself. If you need anything in particular inform them before hand.
4. No network coverage. In some places BSNL network will work.

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UPDATE: Uncle's phone number - 09443553651


Vasu said...

Yes, Its a great place to rest your over worked body.One can actually enjoy the whether in absolute peace and the care taker is just too good that we get everything hot.

I would say its a good place for a group of people to stay over a weekend and i have my own reservations for family's to visit the place. There is absolutely nothing near by other than the dense forest. So for a group of people its a great away from the populated Ooty

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am definitely glad to discover this. great job!

Anonymous said...

Yes, probably so it is

Trails of a Traveler said...

So you guys boozed in the wild, threw the bottle around and polluted that place as well?


Ehtesham Khan said...

Do I need some kind of permission from forest dept. to visit this valley? I'm planning to visit this place in March 3rd week.

Shankar N said...

@Ram - no.. we picked it up on our return... seems u r ready to clean it up if we hadnt?

Swathi said...

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Bindya Iyyappan said...

i have read all your article on this blog. They are really nice and interesting. do keep sharing such wonderful experience with us.

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