Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Manjolai - Part 2

Continued from here

The nextday we started by 5 AM, and went to the Manimutharu falls, which is situated on the foothills of the Manjolai. Though the water fell from a lower altitude, the force of the water was very high. Couldnt stand under it continuously. Then started our uphill journey. Once past the forest department checkpost, we were in for a greater surprise, as the place got more and more beautiful and cool with each passing curve. Nobody expected such a beautiful place. It was Tea, Tea, Tea everywhere.

Atop, we went to the solitary hotel where we informed beforehand about our arrival. Had breakfast and also gave them the stuff for lunch. Went past the tea estates, factories and reached the first viewpoint - Kudiravetti. Once here, we were literally swept off our feet. The winds were very very strong and we just could not stand there without any support. Infact, everyhouse has sandbags on their roofs to prevent the sheets get blown away by the wind.

View from Rajas View

Then we went to Rajas view, which gave a very beautiful glimpse of a distant waterfall, which descended all the way to the base of the mountain. From here, proceeded to the Upper Kodaiyar dam, which was the jackpot of this place. From the outset, it looked like a normal dam with the water stored in one part surrounded by mountain and the sluice gates leading to the lower kodaiyar dam. But suddenly, we saw clouds of mist rushing towards the sluice gate, go past the slopes of the dam and reach the top at very very high speed. This happenned every 5 minutes and we waited for the next round. When it came, we just leaned on the top paraphet wall letting the mist go past us. It was very very cold and we were in pure bliss for the next few minutes.


There was a small tunnel nearby. But due to time constraint, we didnt go there and started our journey back. Reached the hotel and had a very tasty lunch, descended to the base and reached Tirunelveli, just in time for our train.

Thus ended a great trip, which exceeded our initial expectation by miles.

Points to Note

1. Tirunelveli is 700Kms from Chennai/150Kms from Tirvandrum. Very well connected through rail/road.
2. Transport
** Standard cabs - Kutti - 9843337456/Gafoor - 9842301326.Very friendly driver (Gafoor).
3. Staying options
** Singampatti Palace - Will cost around 1.5K/room
Contact Details - Palace : 04364 250209/9443351762,
Raja : 94433 51762, Kittu (Rajas PA): 9994760625
** Kallidakuruchi - Nearest point to Manjolai. Has one lodge, which is quite gud. Rs.400/room
Contact Details - Baskar Lodge : 04634 - 251008,252652,252653, 9842150924
4. Permission
** Sheik Mohideen - Forest Ranger - 9443209050,9443315838.
** Contact the palace people. They will guide you.
** As a last resort, ask the driver(Gafoor) to help you get the permission. Might cost around Rs.250/-
5. If you wish to stay in the hills, contact the Palace. They might help you.
6. There is only one hotel in the hills. You have to inform them before hand for the breakfast. Also, you have to provide them the stuff for the lunch. They do a very neat job.
7. Lots of places of interest around Tirunelveli. So, you can plan a trip ranging from 1 day to 5 days.

For more details, drop a comment here or mail me at shankar.nash@gmail.com


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We were planning for a long time to go this place but did not have any proper information.

Your blog was really useful sure we will plan a trip .

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shankar.n said...

Dear Anon,

Thanks. All the best for a successful trip. If possible, do share ur experience once u r back.

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Hi Gents,

Eager to get permission for Manjolai please guide me on this if any one have any idea....

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