Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stay anywhere in the world - FOR FREE!!!

Hey avid travellers...

** Do you want to travel to most parts of the world on a limited budget??
** Are you interested in blending with the local people and getting to know their culture and food??
** Do you want to cut down on the expenditures and still interested in visiting many places??
** Are you interested in playing host to some strangers from different parts of the globe??

Then this is the place for you....http://www.hospitalityclub.org

This seems to be a website run by a NGO, with a noble insight of building world peace. A small intro about them

History of Hospitality Exchange
The idea of hospitality exchange has been around for a long time. After the Second World War, Bob Luitweiler founded Servas as a peace organization. He hoped to foster intercultural understanding and to build peace through a world wide network of open doors. In the following decades, other people founded similar organizations, and a lot of special interest groups developed - hospitality exchange networks for bikers, for women, for hitchhikers , for Esperanto speakers. Veit K├╝hne founded a network for members of the largest student exchange organization AFS in 1997, based on the model of volunteer country coordinators that had been used by Mensa's hospitality network SIGHT. All those networks had to battle similar problems: printing host lists, collecting member fees, spreading the idea.

Get to know more about them here

So.. what are you waiting for??

* Register yourself here
* Plan your travel
* Post a request in the site
* The interested host will get in touch with you
* Visit the place, get to know more about the people and culture and get acquainted to some new set of people
* Come back with a totally new experience

Also be ready to host people, who are coming to your place.


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